​​​​The company focused on three main activities Cosmetic Products, Clothing and Textiles and Car Spare Parts.

The company started marketing all the products inside the Egyptian market and achieved tangible successes because of focusing on importing the approved Cosmetics products which have certified certificates to maintain the health of our customers and build a bridge of trust in the name of our company in Egypt.

MS Import & Export was one of the first companies to Import certified cosmetics products with reasonable prices to the Egyptian market.
Moroccan cosmetics were also presented by our company in a proper manner and were a model of good products in a good presentation.

In addition to Moroccan beauty products. Our company has been able to introduce the Moroccan elegance and fashion to Egypt with its elegance and hand embroidery as pieces of art that attract the lovers of fashion and beauty.

The company also worked to market and introduce the Moroccan saffron to the Arab countries and Europe . Moroccan saffron is characterized by its high nutritional and medical quality, which is explained by the fact that farmers who practice this activity do not use chemical fertilizers. This is the secret behind the label "free saffron".

MS For Import and Export 

MS Import & Export was founded in 2016 in Agadir,Morocco, about twelve years The (Agadir Agreement) was signed in the city of Rabat on 25 February, 2004 between Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.The agreement entered into force on the 6th of July 2006 after completing the ratification requirements.The main objective of the our company is to benefit from the establishment of a free trade zone between the Arab Mediterranean countries, in addition to opening up international markets in Europe and America for Arab products, especially Egyptian and Moroccan products.

MS For Import and Export Company

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